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Recon Medical

Wildmedkits is proudly an authorized retailer for Recon Medical in Canada.


Our Story:

I’ve gone the last twenty years backpacking, hunting, shooting, and hiking ignoring the possibility of emergency medical trauma to myself and others.  I figured if I don’t have immediate access to life saving medical supplies then someone else must.  So I asked around and no one did.  That’s when I decided my mission was to build a team that serves people and saves lives with high quality lightweight medical supplies.

We are a company predicated around valuing our people and serving our customers.  We stand as entrepreneurs and innovators looking for a better way to provide high quality lightweight medical supplies to our customers. We rather spend money on higher quality that will last a long time then have to repeatedly replace something cheap.  We believe our customers drive our passion to serve.

You, our customer, are our most important asset.  Every single one of you matters to us.  Thank you for supporting our team!

Ryan Parsons