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Braided Kevlar Cord
Braided Kevlar Cord
Braided Kevlar Cord

Braided Kevlar Cord

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Braided Kevlar Cord- 250 metre spool
  • The Braided Kevlar string is made of 100% Dupont Material Kelvar Fiber which is of high strength, high harness, high toughness and high abrasion resistance.
  • Construction of Braid (Multi-strands interweaving process) makes the string / cord much more durable, and it won't unravel like twisted line.
  • Tough String! Every Kevlar Fiber is of high tensile strength. It exerts much higher strength in the same diameter.
  • Cut-Resistance! One of the best advantages of Kevlar string. It helps avoid many unexpected string snaps which happen a lot in binding and fastening objects with sharp edges.
  • 250 metre (820 ft) spool

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