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Canadian Workplace First Aid Kit Guidelines UPDATED 2023 (CSA Standard Z1220-17)

The Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Standard Z1220-17 for First Aid kits in the workplace now simplifies the requirements for workplace first aid kits across Canada. Prior to this standard a complicated list of provincial, federal, and workplace type kits existed with an overwhelming and complicated list of kits available to workplaces.

Effective January 1, 2020 the CSA standard Z1220-17 First Aid Kits for the Workplace is equivalent to Regulation 1101 First Aid requirements from WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) which was last updated in 2014.

Summary of the CSA Standard  (CSA Z1220-17)  for Workplace First Aid Kits:

Three first aid kit types:
  • Type 2 Basic First Aid Kit
    • Within quick response by 9-1-1 EMS
    • Low risk workplace (low probability or risk of serious traumatic injury)
  • First Aid Kits stored in a water and dust resistant portable case/bag
  • First Aid Supplies organized in a logical and easy to access system
  • Latex free first aid supplies
  • First Aid Kit inspection completed every 3 months and when used
    • Replace used and expired supplies
    • Sign kit inspection form and secure case/bag with tamper tag
  • Total number of first aid kits required for workplace based on amount of workers:
    • Type 1 Personal First Aid Kit
      • 1 kit for each isolated worker
    • Type 2 Basic First Aid kit and Type 3 Intermediate First Aid kit
      • 1 kit for 2-25 workers
      • 2 kits for 26-50 workers
      • 4 kits for 51-100 workers

Wildmedkits Workplace First Aid Kits:

  • All of our workplace first aid kits exceed the minimum standards for  (CSA Z1220-17)  with additional supplies to fill gaps in responding to common injuries not covered by standard supplies.
  • Our Type 2 and 3 first aid kits include additional resources to assistant response to emergencies and compliance with regulatory expectations
    • First aid guides
    • Kit contents cards with QR code linked to videos on first aid skills and kit overview
    • First aid kit inspection tags
    • Injury report forms
    • Tamper tags to seal kits
  • New FREE downloadable pdf Monthly Inspection forms now available for each level of First Aid Kit

      CSA Type 1: Personal First Aid Kit


      CSA Type 2: Basic First Aid Kit

      CSA Type 3: Intermediate First Aid Kit

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