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Ontario Workplace First Aid Requirements CSA & WSIB 2023

Ontario Workplace First Aid Requirements CSA & WSIB 2023

FREE pdf of full First Aid training and kit requirements for workplaces in Ontario, Canada.

Summary of CSA & WSIB First Aid Standards:

Ontario workplace First Aid Training and Kits requirements are outlined in 2 documents: CSA Standard Z1220-17 and WSIB regulation 1101. Ontario's WSIB allows for the us of both of these standards to outline requirements for workplaces.

First Aid Training: Minimum requirements and # employees per worksite:

  • 1-5 employees per worksite = Emergency First Aid
  • > 6 employees per worksite = Standard First Aid

First Aid Kits: 

  • First aid station must be present at each workplace
  • 3 levels of First Aid Kits
  • # of First Aid kits based on # employees + # worksites.
  • All supplies latex free
  • Case water/Dust resistant, organized, portable, visible and easily identifiable.

First Aid Station: 1 per worksite

  • Visible in building or in worksite vehicle
  • First Aid Kit
  • Binder with documents:
  • First Aid Kit Inspection checklist
  • Contents for quantities, damage, and expiry
  • Complete every 3 months (recommended monthly)
  • Copy of First aiders on site certifications
  • Copy of In Case of Injury poster form 82 
  • Accident report forms 
  • Emergency and Supervisor contact
    • 1 per employee working in isolation:
    • Ex: Single employee retail, vehicles, remote sites, heavy equipment cabin

      Basic First Aid Kit: Level 2 

      • Low risk of injury and low probability of injury
      • Ex: Retail, hotel lobby, restaurant, tradeshow booth, market booth, cleaning company, legal office, bank, pet grooming, vet clinic
      • 2-25 employees per work site = 1 First Aid Kit  

        Intermediate First Aid Kit: Level 3

        • Moderate to high risk of injury
        • Ex: Construction, heavy machinery, snow clearing, landscaping, property management, vehicle with multiple employees, bus operations, pharmacy, health clinic/laboratory
        • 2-25 employees per work site = 1 First Aid Kit