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Wildmedkits is proudly an authorized dealer for MoraKniv in Canada.


Once upon a time:

There is a long tradition of knife making in Mora. We have been creating sharp knives for the rest of the world for more than 400 years. The seed of what would become one of the world’s most popular knife manufacturers was sown as early as 1891 when Frost-Erik Erson returned to the village of Östnor in Mora after four years of work as a lumberjack in North America. In the same year, he founded a timber sledge factory that manufactured sledges, trolleys, and knives for the workshop’s internal use. At that time, it was important to manage resources and to utilize the remaining material from the production was more or less taken for granted. It would later prove to be a successful business concept.

Ripples on the water

Shortly thereafter, knife production in the timber sledge factory took off and eventually became a sought-after replacement product for traveling farm traders who, through their travels in Sweden, spread the knives from Mora. By the turn of the century, Morakniv had become a well-established concept among craftsmen, giving ripples on the water. Within a few years, exports were established and the buyers were mainly wholesalers, gunsmiths, and iron traders in Europe. In 1904, Frosts had ten employees and made 19,000 knives annually and focused exclusively on knife manufacturing.

Krång-Johan enters

In 1912, Krång-Johan Eriksson founded his own knife production in Östnor. He had previously worked at Frosts, but did not get on well with the management and was literally fired. The idea of emigrating to North America attracted him but first he wanted to try his own luck. Together with Lok-Anders Mattsson, he founded the knife factory that would become part of Morakniv a hundred years later. There was also no emigration for Krång-Johan.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Morakniv consolidated and strengthened its position in the world, which also gave reasons for adding “Sweden” to the blade stamp. At the time, there were a number of active knife manufacturers in the village who somehow competed with each other, which led to a development for a growing market worldwide.

Our knife factory in Mora

A Morakniv is always made in Mora, in our factory in the village of Östnor, where it’s been located for centuries. We have control over the entire production, as it’s we who carry out each step of the process. Making extremely good knives is a complicated process. During the last 125 years we have learned a great deal about how we can get the best possible results.

Every step in the process, from the start in the pressing hall to the finishing line in dispatch, has a unique role. We constantly evaluate the different production stages and look at how we can be even better and more efficient. Join us for a virtual tour of our factory, from the steel to the completed knife.