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Pristine Water Purification Drops 2 oz
Pristine Water Purification Drops 2 oz

Pristine Water Purification Drops 2 oz

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Pristine Water Purification Drops 2 oz

Lightweight, compact, and low-effort protection against protozoa (including cryptosporidium), bacteria, and viruses. The user combines the two supplied chemicals to form the required amount of buffered (non-explosive) Chlorine Dioxide, then adds the mixture to the water. Comes in drop-dispensing bottles for easy measurement.

  • Proven 99.99% effective.
  • Purifies up to 120 litres of water
  • Treats bacteria, virus & protozoa including Giardia & Cryptosporidium.
  • Iodine free product.
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, travel or part of an emergency preparedness kit.
  • Ultra light and compact.
  • Contains no free chlorine.
  • Easy solution to prepare for treating uncut fruits and vegetables that are suspect of bacterial contamination.
  • Leaves no after taste or odor in treated water.
  • Proven, safe and effective for drinking water treatment in a 15 minute process.
  • Cap design makes Pristine™ Personal Pack ideal for traveling with no leaking of opened product when tightened securely.

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