Safe-T-Pro® Plus Lancets

Safe-T-Pro® Plus Lancets

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Safe-T-Pro® Plus Lancets (200/bx)

  • The ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro Plus lancet offers three depth settings (1.3, 1.8, and 2.3mm) for various patient conditions, such as thin skin or calloused fingers, and is also compliant with depthrecommendations for neonates.
  • Simply select the depth that provides the greatest comfort-while at the patient's bedside-and easily obtain an adequate blood sample for single dose tests.
  • The ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro Plus lancet simplifies inventory management, which may reduce inventory costs-one lancet can be used on all patients.
  • And training is minimal on this simpleto-use device.
  • The ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro Plus lancet is designed to meet OSHA requirements mandating "safety-engineered" needle devices.
  • The lancet automatically retracts after use to help prevent accidental fingersticks and enhance infection control.

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