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Wilderness First Aid Guide
Wilderness First Aid Guide
Wilderness First Aid Guide

Wilderness First Aid Guide

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Wilderness First Aid Guide

Our New Wilderness First Aid Guide contains 22 pages of Canadian evidence based first aid information geared towards the outdoor enthusiast. The guide is printed on Rite in the Rain waterproof paper to ensure it will stand up to the elements. The guide measures 5.5" x 4.25". Written by Wildmedkits and Ken Piercey RN, BScN, MEd, WFR Instructor January 2021.


  1. Wilderness Basics
  2. Patient Assessment
  3. Life Threatening Bleeding
  4. Head Injuries
  5. Breathing Emergencies
  6. Cardiac Emergencies
  7. Medical Emergencies
  8. Wilderness Poisons
  9. Tick ID and Treatment
  10. Mental Health Emergencies
  11. Cold Injuries
  12. Hypothermia
  13. Hypo-wrap
  14. Heat Illness
  15. Bone/Muscle/Joint Injuries
  16. Chest Injuries
  17. Abdominal/Pelvic Injuries
  18. Wound Care
  19. Amputation/Impaled Objects
  20. Burns
  21. Calling for Help: SBAR
  22. Important Rescue Numbers

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